Residential Hot Water Systems - Victoria

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Hot Water System Upgrads in Victoria

Upgrade today and enjoy savings of hundreds of dollars on your upcoming electricity bill.

The Victoria government offers rebates on hot water system installations, helping lower energy costs for eligible households. Save on installation of new electric hot water system under government scheme. Take advantage of state and federal rebates to save thousands on your energy bills!

Residential Hot water system upgrade

Victoria Heat Pump Hot Water Rebate

If you are a residential homeowner in Victoria, let Power Promote save you both time and money by offering up-to-date knowledge on current government rebates for hot water system upgrades. We handle everything for you, ensuring fast installation and helping you access cost-effective solutions for upgrading your hot water system.


Hot Water System Upgrade

Substantial Saving

By upgrading to our energy-efficient hot water system, you can save significantly on your annual power bills. Say goodbye to skyrocketing energy costs and hello to long-term savings and sustainability.

Expert Installation

Your new hot water system will be installed by fully licensed plumbers and electricians who are experts in their field. With their skill and expertise, you can trust that your installation will be done right the first time.

Modern Tech

Our hot water units utilize advanced, smart, renewable energy technology. By extracting energy from the surrounding air and harnessing thermal energy, our systems efficiently generate hot water while minimizing environmental impact.

Eco Friendly

Embrace eco-friendly solutions for a sustainable future. Reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment with environmentally conscious choices.

Victoria homeowners, seize your hot water system rebate now and have a new system installed professionally for just $399.

Steps for booking and installation

Our Process


How to claim the rebate?

Where does Power Promote operate?

Currently, we operate state wide in Victoria (VIC) & New South Wales (NSW), Australia.

Who is eligible for upgrade services?

Our upgrade service is available to households and businesses in VIC & NSW with existing eligible inefficient systems. To determine eligibility, customers must meet specific criteria outlined by each program. Our friendly team is here to assist and assess your eligibility.

Are the upgrades completely free?

Under the VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades) and ESS (Energy Savings Scheme) programs, eligible businesses and residents may be able to access free or heavily subsidized replacements for certain energy-efficient upgrades, including but not limited to hot water systems, lighting, and solar power. However, the extent of the subsidy or coverage depends on various factors, such as the specific upgrade, eligibility criteria, and available incentives at the time of application.

What are the benefits of switching to energy-efficient products?

Energy-efficient products can lead to significant cost savings on utility bills over time. They often have a lower environmental impact, reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability. Energy-efficient appliances typically offer improved performance and durability compared to traditional models.

How do I know which energy-efficient solutions are right for my home or business?

Our team of experts at Power Promote can conduct an assessment to evaluate your energy needs and recommend the most suitable solutions. Factors such as the size of your space, your energy usage patterns, and your budget will be taken into account when making recommendations.
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